With Flamengo holding this week a meeting about the future of Andreas Pereira, it seemed like that would be the end of that saga.

Loaned by Manchester United until the end of June, the player can be bought for just €10m, but the Brazilian side can’t make up their mind about the signing.

We’ve shown that while some reports claimed Flamengo are sending the midfielder back to England, others say Pereira asked to stay, and the red and black side will try to get a discount from the Red Devils.

As this soap opera goes on, manager Dorival Junior was asked about Pereira’s situation last night. He claimed he hopes his club keeps him from Manchester United, even though he doesn’t know how they’d do it.

“It’s just an opinion. I hope he stays,” said Dorival Junior (via Lance).

“Players of this level, players with this potential, are few in Brazil. I have no doubt that this boy can still grow a lot, he can evolve a lot. How will it happen? I don’t know, but it would be really nice if we could hold onto this kid because he has a lot of qualities.”

“He is a player that draws attention in any way. He has growth potential, players of that level are scarce at the moment within this country.”

In one of the reports this week, it was said Manchester United claim to have a bid of over €10m to sell Pereira this summer, which was said to be the reason why they wouldn’t give Flamengo a new discount for the purchase.