Ahead of Celtic’s game against Lazio in the Champions League, the Italian media were always going to have a chat with one of the Italian players who previously donned the green and white shirt.

This time, it was Massimo Donati’s turn to be asked by Gazzetta dello Sport about Brendan Rodgers’ side, as he expects the Scottish side to give the underperforming Italians a run for their money.

Lazio currently sit 11th in Serie A, but still have a chance of making it out of their Champions League group, while Celtic are eyeing up that third spot, allowing them to fall into the Europa League.

Donati expects much of the same from Celtic, whether they are home or away, with Rodgers wanting to bring a ‘lot of pace’ and heavy pressure from the off.

However, he does expect Lazio to prevail, since the Scottish team won’t have the home crowd to urge them on, having to face the vitriol of the Italians as an extra pressure in Italy.

As for the ‘most dangerous’ player in the Celtic team for Maurizio Sarri to be worried about, the former midfielder didn’t bat an eyelid.

He said: “The centre-forward Furuhashi. He moves a lot, he’s very quick, and he even scored in the first leg.”