It’s no secret that last year, Tottenham Hotspur star Richarlison went through a very difficult period personally.

The player broke ties with people he used to trust very much, and his unhappiness reached a point where he publicly admitted he was going to search for professional help.

Now as Tottenham Hotspur player Emerson Royal was this week interviewed by UOL, he had something to say about his teammate.

The fullback recalled that Richarlison went through a very tough time.

“Because of this situation, which hurt him, he ended up isolating himself a lot. He didn’t make much room for conversation, but since we play together I tried to get close to him because he’s a good boy and I like him a lot,” said Emerson Royal.

“He ended up losing that (joy) at the time because of third parties. I told him that he wasn’t going to do any better or worse than anyone else, he had to seek help from someone who understood the subject and who could help him. This good initiative came from him and now he’s a new man, he’s very happy, he’s recovering from his injuries and he’s going to return to the national team.”

Emerson Royal and Richarlison are both out of the Copa America squad, and have been taking holidays in Brazil to enjoy their time off.

The fullback could be on his way out of Tottenham this summer, as he’s wanted by a few clubs, including AC Milan. As for the centre-forward, he seems more focused on returning to Spurs and proving he’s back to his best days.