What we like about Christophe Dugarry at Sport Witness is that he’s never afraid to say what’s on his mind, regardless of who the player he’s talking about is.

There’s a reason why the former France international now has his own show on RMC Sport in France, and that’s because listeners know they get his unfiltered opinion every single time they tune in.

On Tuesday evening, Dugarry was asked to comment on Paul Pogba’s performance against Manchester City at the weekend, and, once again, he didn’t disappoint, both praising and criticising the Manchester United midfielder.

He said: “He’s an alien, a player out of the ordinary, but he annoys me, because I know he’s capable of doing a hundred times more. He’s a genius, but when is he going to realise it?”

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While the France international has shown glimpses of his talent throughout his time at Manchester United, his inconsistency has been a problem, and Dugarry believes the hype around him has played a big factor in this.

He continued: “When he started becoming a marketing player, he lost that rage he had at Juventus.”

With his two goals against his team’s city rivals at the weekend, Pogba answered his critics, making it clear at the end of the game that he had love for just the one team in Manchester.

Talk of a departure in the summer has been rife over the past couple of weeks, but few have believed it, and it doesn’t seem like the France international has any desire to leave the club once again.

Not through the back door like last time, at least.