Sometimes a footballer says something that’s so “out there” (to be polite) that we have to walk away from the computer, have a laugh, then a cry, then return to check we didn’t dream it all up in the first place.

This is what happened on Wednesday when we had a look in Sport/Foot in Belgium and came across their profile of Arsenal striker Chuba Akpom, currently on loan at STVV in the Jupiler Pro League.

For the vast majority of the article, it’s a very interesting read, with the London born footballer detailing his struggles growing up in Canning Town, the dangers he faced living in East London due to the violence problem in the area, as well as his Nigerian pride.

However, when it came to the question about who his hero was/is, the answer he gave was very interesting to say the least.

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Actually, that’s a bit harsh, because it doesn’t surprise us that a player who came through Arsenal’s academy looks up to Jack Wilshere.

It’s more what came after that made us spit our coffee all over our keyboard.

He said: “For me, Jack Wilshere is the best English footballer of all time. From Arsenal’s academy, he made it to the Premier League, and he became my idol. Jack is a natural talent, with an elegant control of the ball.”

To be fair, a lot of what he says there is accurate. Jack Wilshere is a natural, some might say unfulfilled, talent, and he’s very good on the ball.

He’s also an English footballer.

As for the rest, Chuba, it’s your opinion, and we’ll respect it.

It’s wrong, but we’ll respect it.