Manchester City star Gabriel Jesus has given an interview to Brazil’s Fox Sports, and this time, it was quite a different one.

Although most of the chats are normally about adaptation to Manchester, talks with Pep Guardiola, the tough Premier League games, the player has spoken more about his personal thoughts this time.

First speaking about the great time he’s living at this stage of his career, Jesus said: “I used to play football, watch games, and I dreamed a lot about being a professional, playing for a big club.

“I fulfilled my dream when playing for Palmeiras. More than fulfilling a dream, I played for the national team. Now, I fulfilled another dream, which is to play for a great club in Europe, which is Manchester City. I started following them after a certain age. I followed Robinho here.”

Then the player spoke a bit about social media: “It’s a hobby, right? You have to understand. These days, people say, ‘Oh, but you don’t leave Instagram, Facebook…’ But you have to understand, you use it to show what you do in your day to day life to your fans, your admirers.”

Jesus was even asked about relationships, and gave quite a strong answer: “It’s complicated, I’m single (laughs), I have no relationship with anyone. Let’s make it clear, okay?! (laughs).”

And finally, he talked about the way he kicks the ball: “I don’t shoot very well (laughs)… Sometimes I get lucky and the ball goes in. I like kicking with the side foot, sometimes I go with the instep, but I like to look at the goalkeeper and take him off when I kick the with the side. From time to time I use the instep, which is stronger.”

Note: Don’t ask us how the interview went from relationships to ways of kicking the ball.

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As reported by the English press this week, Manchester City would be currently negotiating a new contract for the player, as the club is starting to worry that his quick success could attract interest from other big sides.

But speaking to Sport Witness on Tuesday, the player’s agent Cristiano Simão didn’t want to confirm the negotiations, and even claimed “there is nothing so far”.