Despite being relegated with Palermo last season, Everton target Ilija Nestorovski is still getting some attention from the Italian media.

The club captain and striker scored in the 1-0 win over Perugia on Tuesday, and is back showing some good form. That was his second goal this season.

That’s why Calcio Mercato has a story on him today, this time saying that several Premier League clubs are keeping an eye on the player.

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But it’s also said that Palermo are not keen on letting him go in January, and that’s the reason why a winter transfer is highly unlikely.

Still, it doesn’t sound that impossible, as they claim his price would be €10m. That may even sound a lot for a club in the Italian second division, but certainly not for a Premier League or even Championship side.

Back in February, reports from the Italian press said Everton would be ready to spend £17m on him. So in case the interest is still on, that should be much more than enough this time.

But how would the Everton faithful react to such a player when the club, and Ronald Koeman, genuinely need a top class striker? Probably not so well.