Brazilians aren’t afraid of saying, on live TV, they would like to join José Mourinho at Manchester United.

Last week it was Anderson Talisca, who speaking to Globo Esporte, was asked about the Portuguese manager’s interest and said, as far as he’s concerned, a move would be possible.

And yesterday it was Fabinho’s turn to tease about a move. The player was interviewed by Esporte Interativo, and was questioned how he’d feel about joining Manchester United if the invitation arrived.

Fabinho replied: “It’s a tempting invitation. I would first talk to my agent, Monaco too, to decide everything right. But it’s a great club, sure enough I would think well about it.”

Then the presenter said she could see ‘his eyes shining’ during the answer, and Fabinho just smiled after that.

Esporte Interativo were determined to get as much about Mourinho as they could out of Fabinho. They even asked if the manager promoted the now Monaco player at Real Madrid.

“Real Madrid’s B Team at that time played with professionals too,” explained Fabinho. “In the second division of the championship, which was a good championship. And my first professional game was for Real Madrid B.”

So that’s a no then.

Earlier on Thursday, reports from Italy claimed Manchester United already have a deal for the Monaco star, and a €40m transfer is agreed for the next week.

But this story is not so simple, as different sources have also claimed that there’s no interest from the club in the midfielder. As always, it’s a matter of waiting to see who’s right.