As Nottingham Forest and Wolverhampton Wanderers prepare to face each other at the City Ground this Saturday, DAZN Portugal had an interview with Wolves goalkeeper José Sá.

Among the subjects commented on by the 31-year-old, there was the reunion with manager Nuno Espírito Santo, who worked with him back at Porto.

Sá said he’ll be happy to see the Nottingham Forest boss, explaining he’s grateful for the time they spent together at the Dragons.

“It’s going to be interesting and it’s going to be beautiful. I already met him when he was at Tottenham, I already played against him and it’s going to be interesting because there is a coach with whom I have already worked and a person has to be always grateful because I worked and learned and evolved. And it will be good to see them again because it’s not just Nuno but also the other coaches,” José Sá told DAZN Portugal.

Sá and Espírito Santo worked together at Porto in the 2016/17 season, and their paths nearly crossed again at Wolves a few years later.

That’s because the manager left the Dragons and went to the Molineux side, arriving there in the summer of 2017 and staying until 2021.

Sá left Porto in 2018, in a move to Olympiacos, and then joined Wolves in the summer of 2021, right after Espírito Santo had left the club.

The coach then worked at Tottenham Hotspur and Al-Ittihad before taking charge of Nottingham Forest in December. Now there’s a new chance for them to see each other again.