Matz Sels’ situation is of increasing interest to the Belgium media as the season closes towards an end.

The Newcastle United owned stopper had to fight for his place at Anderlecht but once securing it he went on to build confidence and has shown some great form for the club.

They’d like to keep him, naturally, and he’s already voiced hints about a desire to stay where he is, but there’s problems on the road to a permanent deal.

Sels’ wages would be beyond the reach of Anderlecht so there’d have to be compromise in that regard, and DH reckon they now know what Newcastle United would be asking for.

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With a headline reading ‘Anderlecht will have to get hold of the wallet’, DH explain the Premier League club will be looking for a sum in the region of €5-6m. That’s a lot for a Belgium club.

It’s a difficult one for Anderlecht, and they do have other options, but with Sels doing well it’s got to be likely some sort of attempt will be made.