After Pierre-Michel Lasogga wasn’t in the squad for Sunday’s win against Middlesbrough, it was first thought the striker is injured and then came claims he was suffering from an illness.

In Germany it was presented slightly differently, with Hamburger Morgenpost saying Lasogga was ‘not even in the squad’ for the important victory. The insinuation was that he’d been dropped by Leeds, rather than anything else.

It felt like MoPo were trying to stir the pot. A lot of the German reporting on Lasogga at Leeds United has had a negative slant, so it wasn’t a great surprise.

Given Lasogga also missed the match against Wolves on Wednesday evening, which Leeds United lost 4-1, there’s been a stirring follow up from MoPo.

They call it a ‘riddle’ and they say that ‘officially’ the reason for the striker’s absence is illness, again making it all sound a little nudge-nudge-wink-wink.

The last thing Leeds United need right now is any kind of riddle behind the scenes, so the sooner it’s all cleared up, the better.