Usually when Celtic’s fans are visiting a city there’s some anticipation.

The club’s support have a mainly good reputation for following their club around the world and making the most of the trips they’re able to take.

It usually involves pubs, lots of them, beer, lots of it, and a whole lot of singing after the previous two have been combined.

Germany’s Sport Buzzer sent someone to Leipzig’s main market square to see what was happening before the Europa League clash on Thursday evening.

Celtic fans gathered in the square before marching to the stadium together.

Sport Buzzer say the followers acted ‘peacefully and tipsy’, however they do point out they ‘left mountains of garbage’.

Allan O’Neill, who had travelled with his son Adam, told the reporter: “I love German football and German beer anyway! A club (Celtic) with tradition. You just have to love Celtic. Although RB has great footballers, but there is only money behind it.”

As far as Sport Buzzer are concerned, there was no real trouble in the square aside from ‘broken glass, discarded food scraps and beer crates’.

Elsewhere in the German media it’s being reported that trouble with fans entering the stadium was down to so many Celtic fans arriving together, after the march, and stewards not being fully prepared for that.

On the pitch, Brendan Rodgers’ side lost 2-0 to RB Leipzig.