On Tuesday, we covered the first part of José Mourinho’s interview with Brazilian outlet Esporte Interativo, in which he talked about Lucas Moura’s improvement now that he has a manager who loves him.

The outlet continues to release other parts of the chat they had with the Tottenham Hotspur manager, and they even asked about a possible move to Brazil.

Since Jorge Jesus has won the Brazilian league and the Copa Libertadores with Flamengo, and now Santos signed Jesualdo Ferreira, Esporte Interativo wanted to know if it’s possible that Mourinho could take the same path in the future. Whether at a Brazilian club or with the national team.

“The future is never known. In football, you never know. Today I’m here, tomorrow I don’t know where I’ll be,” Mourinho told Esporte Interativo.

“Today I say that I want to be in Europe, in the biggest national club competition which is the Premier League, in the biggest international club competition which is the Champions League. Tomorrow you don’t know where you are. I say no today, but tomorrow I don’t know if I will say yes.”

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“Jesus and Jesualdo are two of the greatest Portuguese coaches. They are Portuguese coaches with very big experience. It’s going very well for Jesus and I hope it goes well for Jesualdo.”

When unemployed last year, Mourinho was a pundit for a few games of Copa Sudamericana, and gave heavy criticism to the intensity and quality of games in the continent.

That would be just one of the many reasons why he’s unlikely to move to Brazil one day. However, being in charge of the national team doesn’t look quit37so impossible.