Reading fullback Tomas Esteves is featured today in a three-page interview from Portuguese newspaper Record.

The 18-year-old joined the Royals on a loan deal from Porto this summer, so as usual, most of the talk was about his time with the Dragons and his hopes to succeed for the club in the future.

Tomás Esteves’ choice for Reading was very much questioned in the interview, with Record asking him if leaving the Portuguese giants for a Championship side could still be considered a step forward in his career.

“Not only can but it is. For me it was a step forward because I’ll have the game time that I wouldn’t have at FC Porto,” Tomas Esteves told Record.

“And also for the knowledge about the game that these minutes will give me, as well as for the feedback that I’ve received here. I really think it’s a big step forward for me.”

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Still on the choice for Reading, Esteves said that wasn’t the only option he had, and talked about how important it was to be guaranteed that he’d have enough minutes for the Royals.

“Within the options that I had, I felt it was the best option. At 18, I need to play, to evolve in game, to have as many minutes as possible. Being in a league as competitive as the Championship is, even better. It may have surprised some people, moving from the Portuguese champions to a second division, but I really think it was a very good option for the minutes I’m already having and for the ones I will still have, if I work the same way

“It’s never an exact guarantee, but there was and is an expectation of playing many games. I’m a football player and at the age of 18 I don’t want big contracts for now, I just want to play and evolve as much as possible, do what I like best. If you are not playing it’s not the same.”

With Reading having a positive season so far, Tomas Esteves was asked if his wish was always to switch Porto for a club who wins most of their matches as well.

“Of course, the goal was never to leave for a club that lost most games, that didn’t have the maximum competitive environment. I’m not saying that teams that lose often don’t want to win, but it is important to keep the DNA of victory. I believe that here at Reading this can be maintained. The squad has a lot of quality and despite the less good phase we want to continue at the front.”

However, despite having a good start at Reading, the teenager can’t hide his wish to be back at Porto: “It’s been a dream since I was little. I always wanted to play for FC Porto and be a reference in the club. I was able to wear that historic shirt, but I want to do more with it, I am in debt and I want to show what I am capable of.”