Fulham striker Raúl Jiménez has urged football’s lawmakers to fight against temptation to add new rules to the game, like a potential blue card.

The Fulham man has been speaking to El Universal about football in general and the subject of a blue card entered the discussion.

Football has had to deal with an ever-changing set of rules in recent years, with the introduction of VAR seemingly opening the door for a never-ending slew of new rules to be introduced.

The latest which has been suggested is the introduction of a new card to the game to go alongside the yellow and red card.

The idea for the blue card would be for the card to be shown to players who show dissent to a referee or commit a cynical foul to stop an attack, and they’d then be placed in a sin-bin for ten minutes.

The idea was roundly rejected by the football community, with players, fans and media alike all very much against it from minute one.

FIFA’s Gianni Infantino later rejected the idea and appeared to put an end to it, something it seems the Fulham striker is very much on board with.

“Oh, man. I don’t know, I think that football here, as you say, traditional football, that’s it, it is what it is,” he said.

“Just a little while ago I read that they wanted to issue a blue card and leave a player out for ten minutes or five minutes, and since it’s a ninety-minute game you can’t keep a player out for so long, it’s a big disadvantage. I think the rules as they are in football are fine.”