Today is a ‘decisive day’ for Chelsea star Enzo Fernandez, according to reports from Argentina.

Directv Sports writes there’ll be a meeting between doctors from the Blues and from the national team. There, they’ll decide whether the midfielder needs surgery.

Fernandez has reportedly been struggling with an inguinal hernia. That hasn’t allowed him to ‘play normally’ at Chelsea, and is the main reason he’s missed minutes recently.

According to Directv, it was the Blues who suggested surgery, as the three injections they used in his treatment did not solve the problem.

The big problem for the national team is that in case there is an operation, then it’d take at least three weeks for him to recovery, meaning that Fernandez may not be fully prepared for the Copa America in the summer.

So even though it’s both in Chelsea’s and Argentina’s interest to get the player fit, we shall see whether the doctors will decide for the best recovery plan or if they’ll find a solution so he can get fit as soon as possible.