The Brazilian press continues to say that Reading’s attempt to sign football director Alexandre Mattos may collapse.

As reported by UOL today, the official is still keen on taking the job, but hasn’t been able to get a work permit so far.

Brexit and Coronavirus are pointed out as the main reason why his documentation hasn’t been sorted yet, even though this process has been happening since January. It sounds like an excuse being presented, given how long the situation has dragged on.

Mattos is now looking at other options, and that’s why he’s also been negotiating for a job at Atlético Mineiro.

UOL reports he met the club last weekend and even negotiated a contract if the move to England collapses.

Mattos had previously spoken to the Brazilian press confirming he was joining Reading and even explaining his job, which would consist of managing transfers from other clubs with the same owner.

All of that is now in doubt.