Monday saw claims of Crystal Palace interest in Thomas Vermaelen make their way to the Spanish media. It’s handy for Barcelona, as Sport pointed out, because the club have been so concerned about a lack of interest they’d even considered trying to bring Vermaelen back into the club’s squad, trying to find a use for him if he can stay fit.

A transfer would be much preferred so if Crystal Palace act on the reported interested, then Barcelona will certainly be very receptive. Tuesday’s edition of Marca rams home the point that Vermaelen isn’t much wanted at Barcelona.

Marca have brought together a group of players who were on loan last year, failed to impress enough to have a queue of clubs wanting to sign them, and now start preseason training with a very uncertain future.

Guess who is mentioned first? Vermaelen of course.

Ernesto Valverde is concerned about the player’s injury record and doesn’t count on him, which is more good news for Crystal Palace’s chances of signing the player.

This one is all set up for Frank de Boer, there’s no reported interest from elsewhere, at least recently, and Barcelona are keen. Crystal Palace could likely build a deal on their terms, perhaps an initial loan which will turn permanent if Vermaelen can prove his fitness.