Former Tottenham Hotspur player Emmanuel Adebayor has told the French media signing for Crystal Palace was the worst decision of his career. The Togo international joined the Premier League side in 2016 after being released by Tottenham.

Speaking to L’Equipe Adebayor was asked about his time at Crystal Palace following his move there last year.

The forward said he has great memories of playing in England apart from his time at Crystal Palace. Adebayor explained he signed for the club on the instructions of his agent because they felt he needed to be playing again after leaving White Hart Lane a few months prior.

Mauricio Pochettino and Tottenham had edged Adebayor out, and there was the need to actually play football again.

“Leaving England, where I played for ten years until last summer, was a difficult decision to make. I have had great moments with the clubs that are among the best in the country. I was happy there, my family too. The only mistake I made was to sign at Crystal Palace in January 2016. I did it to please my entourage, who said to me: “Manu, you have to play again!” This was the worst decision of my career,” said the former Tottenham and Arsenal player.

Adebayor had something of a controversial career in the Premier League, but at times showed his undoubted talent.

His move to Manchester City didn’t go down too well with the Arsenal fans, which was made worse when he joined their local rivals Tottenham.