Last Friday, when we started covering the slightly weird rumours (strange because several of the Mexican articles later disappeared) regarding Hirving Lozano’s move to Manchester United, we thought we’d have a clearer situation by the start of this week.

But things only get more complicated as none of the Mexican outlets seem to agree in their articles. All of them believe the player could be heading to Old Trafford, but they all lack information about the transfer.

Apart from ESPN, who got quotes from a Pachuca director saying the negotiations were ongoing, most of them are still based on Futbol Entre Linhas, a website who claimed to know about a phone call between Lozano’s fater-in-law and his relatives in London.

The Sun have quoted this article, giving Futbol Entre Linhas their credit. Still, the Mexican newspaper Record has a story today talking about this rumour and seem to credit/blame The Sun for the rumours, or perhaps they’re trying to make it look more reliable by relating it to an English paper.

Based on these rumours, the Mexican website La Aficion has interviewed Lozano’s former coach Gabriel Caballero to ask him how the player would do if he moved to Manchester United and played in Europe.

The current Dourado manager said: “European football strengthens you in many ways, physically and tactically, it happened to Hector Herrera, that maybe when he first arrived was not his best time, but he adapted quickly.

“And the work in Europe is different in some aspects, but they do it more professionally and serious. Any of those who have gone there have changed a lot in their professionalism, and that will be good for their future; undoubtedly he’ll improve in Europe. ”

All this talk seems very interesting but the question is: will Lozano will even go to Europe this summer?