Hirving Lozano is very close to join Manchester United, according to sources from Mexico.

United’s interest in the 20 year old Pachuca winger has been reported for a few months, mostly by the Portuguese press, as the player was also being followed by Porto.

This evening, three articles called out attention. One of them is from Futbol Entre Lineas, which says that the deal is almost done and Lozano’s family would be ready to move to England.

According to their story, his father-in-law called some relatives in London and asked how to open a bank account there. When questioned why, he would have said “it’s because my daughter is going to live there”.

Then he was reportedly asked how the negotiations were going and said: “Yeah, it’s all done, there are a few details left and after the Olympics it will be made official.”

Futbol Entre Lineas doesn’t seem the most reliable website in America. Next to the article, there’s an advert calling people to write for them for free so they make their name by being part of this community.

Then there are two websites who were supposed to be reporting these news. Futbol Total’s URL said “Hirving Lozano will be a Manchester United player”, but the article was removed.

The TV channel Univision also has a URL saying “Hirving Lozano would have reached a deal with Manchester United”, but their page keeps loading and nothing happens.

Maybe after a few more hours we’ll be able to find out where this story is coming from. But for now, it’s very strange that three websites have published it in the same hour. True or not, some strong rumours have just been spread in Mexico.