Outside of the Yorkshire media, Felix Wiedwald to Leeds United wasn’t a huge transfer in England. Sure, many English followers of the Bundesliga were impressed and surprised by the goalkeeper moving to Elland Road, but in Germany it was covered more widely and is still a media story.

Wiedwald was edged out at Werder Bremen, with the club bringing in Jiri Pavlenka to replace him. Without that club decision, and very clear message to 27 year old Wiedwald, Leeds United would have had little chance of making the signing.

Given it was clearly the club’s choice to change their goalkeeper, and that a German was replaced, the focus on Wiedwald’s exit has been huge, and Pavlenka has so far failed to live up to expectations.

German newspaper Delmenhorster Kreisblatt reports that doubts are already abound, after issues in preseason. Whilst Werder insist they’re happy with their goalkeeping choices and options, the newspaper points out they could hardly say anything else.

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Pavlenka is summed up: ‘Good reflexes on the line, footballing weaknesses’

He’s by far from the commanding finished product the German media expected when Wiedwald was sent off to Leeds United with his tail between his legs.

Wiedwald has extra motivation at Leeds United this season, looking to make Werder Bremen’s decision look shakier than it does already.