Earlier today, we covered claims from France that Everton are about to make an offer for Barcelona forward Malcom.

RMC said the Toffees’ offer would be over €35m. They also wrote that Arsenal are ‘on the lookout’, but all the Gunners did was to speak to the player’s entourage.

It only took a while until the Catalan media reported the same. This time, it was Sport who said Everton should offer the very same €35m. They didn’t credit anyone else.

Now it turns out that there’s some interesting information coming from Malcom’s home country as well. Brazilian journalist Jorge Nicola says the player could indeed be moving to the Premier League.

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He says the player’s agent is in England to speak to two clubs. He can’t name them, but says both ‘are in the hall of big English clubs’.

With all due respect to Everton, seeing from the Brazilians’ point of view, the Toffees may not be on that list. From a Brazil perspective the clubs would be Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United. Perhaps Tottenham Hotspur as well.

There’s the possibility it’s worded wrong, or that the growing love for Richarlison sees Everton pushed in to the group.

Nicola claims Barcelona will hardly sell Malcom for less than the €40m they spent to sign him.