Over the past few days, there have been a few ups and downs regarding the future of Lucas Torreira at Fiorentina.

The player excelled on loan in Italy, sent there by Arsenal for the season, and with a €15m option to buy in the deal, most thought that would be the last the Gunners saw of the Uruguayan.

However, there have since been a few developments, with his agent explaining the situation, making it clear that any stumbling blocks were contract related.

Either way, the Fiorentina fans aren’t happy about how things have gone, and it appears they would rather keep the Arsenal player around than see their CEO stay at the club.

That is, in essence, what the 1926, a group of fans of the Serie A side, put across in a banner placed on the gates near the Franchi stadium.

They took a shot at Joe Barone, who, according to Firenze Viola, ‘had already ended up in the crosshairs of the hardcore fans in January after the sale of Dusan Vlahovic to Juventus’.

The banner reads ‘Torreira to Fiorentina, Barone to Arsenal’, described by the website as ‘an eloquent text that needs no further explanation’.

Right now, however, there are no guarantees that the midfielder will stay in Florence, and it could be he heads back to the Emirates for a while before this is sorted.

One to keep an eye on.