Moise Kean’s move on loan to PSG is working out for everyone involved. The Italian has been getting more minutes than he likely would have under Carlo Ancelotti this season, and he’s already scored five goals for the French club.

With PSG having no buying option, something they’re likely to be regretting now, Everton have seen Kean’s value rise again after a difficult period in English football. Whether they want to take him back for another go under Ancelotti, or sell at the end of the season, Kean doing well in Paris can only be good news.

One person it may not work out very well for is Mauro Icardi. The Argentine striker has been out since the beginning of October with a knee issue, and now he’s back there’s going to be a battle for a starting place.

Monday’s edition of Le Parisien makes it sound like a straight battle between the two footballers, a situation Icardi probably didn’t think he’d find himself in.

Thomas Tuchel has been impressed with the Everton player and there’s a reasonable chance he’ll stick with Kean.

Fabrizio Ravanelli, who is now a pundit working for French TV, feels both players are good option, and specifically on Kean he said: “Despite his youth, he already has great experience thanks to his past at Juventus. He can become one of the best forwards in the world. What he needs to work on is the finish. For me, he has to score, score and score again in training during the week to be fully ready when the weekend game comes.”