Darwin Nunez’s former agent has hit out at the player and Jorge Mendes, believing the forward was stolen from his agency before his move to Liverpool.

Nunez is currently represented by Mendes and his Gestifute agency, having joined them when he was in Portugal, where they represent a number of players in and outside of the country.

It was they who helped finalise his €80m move to Liverpool in July, with the striker swapping agencies in April last year ahead of his major summer transfer.

Before that he had been represented by agent Edgardo Lasalvia who had managed the player during his time in his native Uruguay, where he represents a number of players, as well as his time in Spain with Almeria and then at Benfica.

He publicly criticised the player’s decision to swap agencies at this time last year, even insisting he would fight to ensure he received some of the commission that had been paid out from his move to Liverpool.

A year later he is still hurting over the player’s decision to leave him and believes karma will come back to bite those involved in what he considers a robbery.

“I had no chance to talk to Darwin,” he told El Observador.

“I found out when he came with six bodyguards and did not want to speak at the airport, where Juanjo Acevedo was. I had sent a boy from the company to look for him.

“There I tried to call him and from a message from WhatsApp he told me that he loved me very much, that he would always be my friend, blah blah blah but that he was going to start a new path with another company, and he blocked me. I had no right to reply.

“Everyone chooses how they want to live life, but there is karma, and everything comes back. You have to handle yourself as a good person and you have to have a memory. It is impossible that you do not have a memory.

“He didn’t go with Jorge Mendes, he left with another agent, the same as (Nicolás) Otamendi. When he was in Benfica they did a little job like an ant, they started to eat his head.

“I got angry when I lost Darwin. It broke me in half because I adore the kid, but I understood that it’s business.”