At the rate this is going, we wouldn’t be surprised if 75% of the Premier League was linked with Stefan De Vrij come the end of February.

Of course, that could all change if he decides to sign a new contract with Lazio, but the centre-back is accumulating interest from English teams like a 90’s kid collecting Pokemon cards.

It all started with Manchester United and Chelsea last season, then Liverpool got involved with a brief mention from Everton, and now it’s Manchester City.

However, Everton haven’t given up, as Corriere dello Sport explain they’re still hot on the 25-year-old’s trail, even if there’s been two managerial changes since.

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The need for fresh blood in the role is becoming something of a necessity either now or in the summer, with both Ashley Williams and Phil Jagielka getting on a bit, and De Vrij certainly ticks all the boxes.

Corriere do say that, compared to Liverpool and Manchester City, Everton is a ‘less attractive option’, and they’re not wrong there as things stand in the Premier League.

Still, the Toffees have the cash to make him a very interesting offer, and while Ronald Koeman might not be there anymore, we’re pretty sure Sam Allardyce has a solid presentation ready to convince  potential new recruits.

After all, recent results speak for themselves, really.