The biggest story in the Netherlands right now is trouble in Amsterdam ahead of the match against England.

It’s Friday night, it’s Amsterdam, it’s football, there was always likely to be ‘events’ and De Telegraaf report the police have gone in and swept up the Red Light District.

‘Dozens’ of arrests are mentioned and the problems seem to stem from far too much alcohol and the inevitable behaviour of some who can’t handle the amount they’ve had to drink.

De Telegraaf talk of cans and bottles being thrown, and there’s claims people have been throwing bicycles into canals, although the Dutch newspaper weren’t able to get confirmation of that.

Some Amsterdammers have even claimed England fans have been urinating on people from the top floor of a hotel. Fans have been filmed throwing beer at tourists on a canal trip, and part of the city appears to have been total mayhem today.

With supporters now going to the stadium, it’s hoped that peace can be restored.

On Thursday 25 arrests were made after beer bottles were thrown at police, and the problems have been centered on the Red Light District, with police telling De Telegraaf it’s been calm elsewhere.

Another Dutch newspaper, AD, say there’s been problems with ‘hooligans’ and they quote a police spokesperson saying: “Occasionally it was a bit grim.”