On Saturday we covered claims from Italy that Inter Milan have been trying to play tough-guy with Daniel Levy.

Already having an agreement with Christian Eriksen on personal terms, the Serie A side thought they could push Tottenham into as low a price as possible for the player.

For a while it’s been reported in Italy that Tottenham want €20m, and that Inter have been reluctant to meet that figure. Inter didn’t want to go above €10m for a January transfer.

Their first offer was put at €8m, then €10m, then various claims around the €15-18m level.

Today’s Gazzetta says ‘the ending seems written’, although much of their article is assumption based on words from Jose Mourinho after the Watford match, and Eriksen potentially saying a half-goodbye to the Spurs crowd.

When it comes to the figures, it would appear Levy is actually getting his way, rather than capitulating under pressure. Work is being done by Inter on a €15m base with bonuses added to get the headline figure closer to that €20m.

Given the situation, and the apparent lack of interest from elsewhere, that doesn’t seem such a bad scenario.