Costa Rican newspaper La Teja today features a very nice interview with Nottingham Forest youngster Brandon Aguilera.

With the 20-year-old showing some big excitement for being part of a Premier League club, it’s impossible to read the interview and not be happy for him.

Aguilera explained the feelings he had when he started training with Nottingham Forest’s squad, saying he could barely believe it.

“When I made my debut in the Premier League, it was amazing, because you can’t quite believe you’re there. Getting up every day and going to train on the pitches where I train and the team-mates I have, it’s a dream I never wake up from,” said Aguilera.

Back in the winter transfer window, Nottingham Forest knew they weren’t making enough use of him and decided to loan him out to League One’s Bristol Rovers.

Aguilera didn’t mind that, and actually enjoyed his experience at the club, saying there was not such a huge gap in facilities between them and the City Ground side.

“Playing in the third division in England is not easy, me coming from playing there and just after debuting in the Premier League, imagine what it’s like to know that dreams come true. The work is behind me, thank God that puts me here at the right time and gives me the things I need to enjoy them.

“At the end of the day the clubs in England have very good facilities. In Costa Rica there is no point of comparison when you go from a top club to a third, because many teams don’t have a stadium or their own conditions, many players have to look for other jobs to combine it with football, in England that doesn’t happen.”

The youngster finished the season with three appearances for Nottingham Forest and 12 games for Bristol Rovers, even scoring a couple of goals for the League One side.

He has a contract with the Reds running until 2026, and we should soon get to see whether he’ll be in the club’s plans for the new season.