Almost a week ago, Estudiantes sporting director Juan Sebastián Verón was quoted as saying: “We already have a club-to-club agreement with PSG for Foyth.”

That led to claims in Argentina and Europe that Foyth would be imminently travelling to France, and a deal was set to be announced quickly. But Verón also pointed out, in the same breath, that there was no agreement, at that stage, with the player’s agent.

Verón’s comments came just a couple of days after El Dia, the Argentine newspaper who first launched the story, explained Foyth and his family were still keener on Tottenham.

Tottenham were the first club linked, but Spurs were then unable to find a deal with Estudiantes, wanting to pay the bulk of any transfer fee after the initial outlay. That’s when PSG came in, but Foyth and his family sill held a flame for Tottenham, and the chance to work under Mauricio Pochettino.

Since Verón’s claims, nothing has happened. Foyth played for Estudiantes against Nacional Potosí on Thursday, and afterwards was quoted by AS saying: “I don’t know if it was my last game here but I enjoyed it a lot. This is a great club… I wanted to be in this game. If I have to leave, I want to know it’s a club that’s going to give me chances to play and fight for.”

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Argentina’s El Liberal also covered Foyth’s involvement in the match, and said he’s being chased by two clubs from Europe… Tottenham and PSG.

The French club have been rather busy with another transfer this week, and Neymar’s purchase leaves them under serious FFP pressure. It may be that whilst PSG were once happy to pay the Foyth fee upfront, things have since changed.

And all the while, throughout this delay, Tottenham have had the opportunity to swoop back in, and please the player and his family, but so far there’s nothing.