It seems like Newcastle United will really need to think well before advancing in talks to sign Marcos Leonardo from Santos.

Earlier this week, we covered reports from Brazil which said the centre-forward would get fined for showing up late to the squad’s trip to Curitiba.

As UOL now features an update on this story, it’s claimed that the case involving the Newcastle target was a lot more serious than first reported.

The outlet writes that Marcos Leonardo arrived 20 minutes late after the lunch break, and according to four anonymous sources, he acted as if he was ‘drunk’.

UOL journalist Lucas Musetti says Marcos Leonardo ‘shouted’ at teammates and complained about getting benched for the following match.

It’s claimed he took a long time to calm down and never apologised to the coach and squad.

The striker is expected to leave Santos in the coming months and clubs such as Newcastle and Real Madrid have been named as the main contenders for the signing.

Depending on how this story goes, that could undoubtedly harm his chances of getting a big move to an European club, regardless of his big potential.