Manchester City’s leadership at the City Football Group are set to make big changes at Uruguayan club Montevideo City Torque amid disappointment at the current state of the club.

That’s according to Referi, who say the City Football Group have made the ‘important decision’ to get rid of sports director German Brunati at the end of the season.

The newspaper, which is part of El Observador’s network, explain that the Uruguayan team are ‘not going through a good moment’ in the Uruguayan Championship with them currently mid-table but only four points off the bottom.

That’s left the City Group’s Hierarchy, who own the club in their vast network of sides underneath Manchester City, unimpressed and planning changes.

The group have reportedly decided that sports director Brunati will not continue in his role with the club next season, with the decision said to have ‘came from abroad’ and made ‘by the leadership of the City Group’ and not those in charge at Montevideo City Torque.

Whether that means those in charge at Manchester City isn’t made clear, but it’s unlikely some of those weren’t a part of the process given the interconnected nature of the City Football Group.

Either way, Brunati, who has been with the team since 2017, will be leaving and not continue in Uruguay, although he will ‘continue to be linked’ to the City Football Group who have clubs in the USA, Australia, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, China, Belgium, France, Brazil and of course England.