If Leeds United hadn’t been so quick, organised, and successful with their recruitment so far this summer then the club would have almost certainly been linked with a string of unlikely Spanish deals.

Thomas Christiansen’s background in Spain would have combined with Victor Orta arriving, and Leeds would have had a summer filled with Spanish rumours.

Alvaro Negredo to Leeds United shows that to be true, with the links seemingly starting mainly because Orta took Negredo to Middlesbrough, and is now the sporting director is at Leeds United.

It didn’t make a great deal of sense, not least on wages and the overall investment even for a loan, but desperation makes the deal more thinkable than one may immediately think.

That’s not desperation from Leeds United, who aren’t really crying out for Negredo, having Chris Wood in the role. Should circumstances change, Wood leave or get injured very quickly, then if Christiansen asks he’s probably got a better chance than many would think.

Marca explain on Monday that Negredo is being pushed towards Besiktas, and he’s not that keen on it. If the move to Turkey drags out then other options will likely be brought to the table.

Last summer Negredo made it clear he wanted to return to English football, and did so with Middlesbrough, but is now back as persona non grata at Valencia. If he’s still there in a few weeks and Leeds United see circumstances change, then should Thomas Christiansen ask, he’s at least some chance.

Marca and others continually explain the desperation of Valencia to get rid of Negredo, permanently or on loan. Such is the talking down of the player, it’s hard to see him playing for the club next season, even if that may not be the disaster it’s presented as.

A low percentage of the player’s wages, plus a buying clause completely linked to Premier League promotion… it’s not inconceivable should Leeds care, and Valencia be stuck with Negredo come mid August.