Each year, just after the latest kits are released, the Catalan media start receiving leaks of what the next kits will look like. The new ones haven’t even got a few months to feel special before they’re reminded of their lack of longevity.

There’s usually controversy. The stripes are wrong, either too fat, thin, too ordered, not ordered enough, horizontal, or perhaps the colours may be a slight break from the tradition.

That’s just the home shirt. For the away top, the efforts are normally compared to an ice lolly, a cartoon character, or something similarly picked to make them seem naff. It’s a tough job designing the kits for Barcelona.

After a month of so of seeing the team play in the shirts, which were a disaster on first look, everyone gets used to them and even a lot of sceptical are convinced, whilst building disgust at the next efforts.

This year is especially different. Mundo Deportivo have had a leak, and they reveal that the stripe controversy will be solved… there will be no stripes.


Mundo Deportivo: ‘The design, already approved, will attract attention and will also be a way to ‘sell’ jointly Barça and the city of Barcelona’

Instead of stripes, the streets of Eixample will be on the shirts. Part of the city’s layout will be used to show a grid and some of the main roads of Barcelona’s city centre.

Similar has happened before, for training shirts in 2014-2015, and it didn’t go down well. Mundo Deportivo share images of those efforts, and assume the final design for the shirts will be a bit better.