Mundo Deportivo are a sports newspaper of the Catalan variety so when they cover Real Madrid transfer news, it’s often to set their foes up for an inevitable fall.

That’s the case on Wednesday, as Harry Kane is once again brought into the transfer picture. It’s claimed the Tottenham player is Florentino Perez’s favourite for a Real Madrid summer signing, with several factors behind it.

Mauricio Pochettino’s superstar would compliment Cristiano Ronaldo well, it’s thought, and therefore that’s another tick at the side of Kane’s name.

Mundo Deportivo say Madrid are now ‘desperately’ looking for their star striker signing for the next summer window, and they’d therefore go into any talks with that desperation.

Daniel Levy will of course be ready, if these claims are true, and prepared to either completely close down the idea of a Tottenham sale, or extract every last Euro possible out of Madrid.

Tottenham’s toughness in the transfer market is a huge problem for anyone wanting Kane, but if Madrid are as desperate as made out, then the phone call will have to be made sooner or later.