Oh L’Equipe, you may have got this all wrong.

In their Tuesday edition the French newspaper take a look at the Lucas Moura situation and fall upon interest from Tottenham and Arsenal.

PSG need to sell, and the first part of L’Equipe’s article makes that clear. Before June 30th, the French club need to raise around €70m to save them from getting in another FFP mess.

The three candidates for the guillotine are Angel di Maria, Javier Pastore and Lucas Moura. Unfortunately for PSG, the former are ‘not very hot’ to leave, but, to save the day, Lucas has recently been pouring his heart out to the French media about his sorry situation and likely need for a transfer.

Tottenham are said to be ‘on the lookout’ for the Brazilian, and this comes a few days after the same newspaper claimed Spurs were making actual attempts to sign the player.

Spurs would prefer a loan and L’Equipe say ‘A tough negotiator, Daniel Levy, Spurs’ president, could, however, let himself be convinced’ about a deal which sees PSG get their money for a permanent transfer before June 30th.

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Nobody puts Daniel Levy in the corner. If there’s any convincing to do, it will be from Tottenham to PSG and, if Spurs interest is genuine, and no other clubs come forward strongly, then Levy will have the French club right where he wants them.

He may well comply with PSG’s need for money before June 30th, but it will very much be on Tottenham’s terms.

Picture it.

January 31st, 9.30pm.

Lucas Moura arrives at Enfield Training Centre, so rushed he’s not sure what country he’s in.

Levy has already agreed a €1m loan with a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ to sign him for €30m before June 30th. But, no, something has changed, it’s now €20m.

Your call, PSG.