A week ago it felt like there were several updates a day on Vicente Guiata to Crystal Palace, and that’s just counting what was in the Spanish media.

With Crystal Palace seemingly in a never ending search for a goalkeeper, for a couple of days Guaita looked like he could be the one.

But then Getafe put their foot down. There was anger at the club over the way Guaita had been pushing for a move, with Crystal Palace wanting to pay around half of his €8m buyout clause.

Then followed claims Guaita has a personal agreement to let him leave for €4m, which seemed quite odd, and it was even reported the Crystal Palace transfer could be heading for the Spanish courts. 

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Since then everything has gone quiet, and in their Wednesday edition AS have an update on Getafe’s Guaita stance.

The club’s sporting director Ramon Planes is quoted as saying: “He has a contract until June 30th and Getafe have already stated publicly that we want him to continue here. We assert our rights and he will fulfil his contract.”

That doesn’t sound like the best of news for Crystal Palace.