In most moves of the transfer market, it’s the clubs who are looking for players that take the necessary steps to make the signings possible. Sometimes agents even offer footballers around, and those sides decide whether to start taking action.

But there are very few players who have the chance to choose a club to sign for. Lionel Messi did this with Paris Saint Germain this summer, and according to the latest reports, Cristiano Ronaldo is doing something similar.

French outlet L’Equipe today writes the Juventus star has picked Manchester City as his next destination. After knowing that there are very few clubs could afford his arrival this window, he told his entourage to work on a move to Pep Guardiola’s side.

Ronaldo is said to be confident that a move can happen. L’Equipe writes that ‘in the mind of the star, this deal will even be successful by the weekend’.

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With Jorge Mendes currently negotiating with the English side, Cristiano Ronaldo has already contacted several of his friends such as Ruben Dias, Bernardo Silva and João Cancelo to push for the move. It’s said he already sees himself at the club.

However, it’s also obvious that the situation isn’t that simple. Because besides the issue of his huge salary, Manchester City would also need to work on a fee with Juventus and try to pay as little as possible. All of this in less than one week.

Pep Guardiola’s side have also been engaged in their pursuit for Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane, and as pointed out by L’Equipe, it’s quite unlikely that both forwards would join the club. So that’d be a matter of choosing their priority.

Plus Manchester City would need to get rid of some players in the final days of the transfer window too. The French outlet names the likes of Bernardo Silva and Aymeric Laporte as the main candidates to leave the club.

Last week, claims from the Italian media had already said that Jorge Mendes would offer Ronaldo to Manchester City. So this really sounds like a follow up of the situation.