Reported as travelling to the United Kingdom yesterday to meet with Manchester City over a potential transfer for his client Leonardo Bonucci, the player’s agent, Alessandro Lucci, could be about to kill two birds with one stone.

Also a representative for Juan Cuadrado, currently contracted to Chelsea, the Italian is reported as also planning a trip to London to discuss matters at Stamford Bridge regarding the Colombian winger.

According to Tuttosport, and every Italian outlet so far, the former Fiorentina star doesn’t particularly want to return to England’s capital, favouring a stay in Turin, and has told his agent to make that happen.

Juventus’ interest in keeping Cuadrado beyond last season is ‘nothing new’, and they’ve let Lucci know that they would be willing to pay Chelsea for a new loan with a view to buy.

The Premier League club and Antonio Conte, down their end, would rather keep their expensive winger, as Conte is a known fan of the Colombian, but Chelsea have let Juventus know a loan with a view to buy would be appropriate only if the fee at the end was €20m straight up.

Tuttosport say Chelsea’s movements on the transfer market suggest Cuadrado might not be a necessity for the Italian, which is a bonus for Juventus.

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