Let’s just make one thing clear now once and for all: there is only one Gazzetta dello Sport.

While they may have ‘affiliated’ websites like GazzettaWorld and GazzaMercato, those websites do not count as the original.

On Friday, we saw a few article doing the rounds claiming that Gazzetta dello Sport had claimed Liverpool were interested in Udinese full-back Silvan Widmer, which we found a bit curious, because, as we do every day, we had already looked through the pink newspaper, and we hadn’t seen anything about it.

Just to be sure, we looked again, but nope, nothing.

The same applies for their website.

Digging a bit further, we found an article on GazzettaWorld claiming that GazzaMercato were running with the story, which was true.

The article states the Swiss right-back was newly on Jürgen Klopp’s wishlist, and the player was thinking about a possible move to Liverpool.

Now, while we’d be inclined to believe Gazzetta dello Sport, our experience with their affiliated websites hasn’t exactly been all that positive, so we’d suggest being skeptical about this one.

Just in case you think we’re being overly cynical, GazzettaWorld embellished their article by adding that GazzaMercato mentioned Klopp was ready to match Udinese’s €8m valuation, which they did not.

We’re just going to have to wait and see for the time being, but bear in mind it’s very easy to twist and embellish articles to make them sound more exciting than they actually are.