Manchester City were repeatedly linked to young Athletic Club Bilbao forward Inaki Williams during the 2016 January transfer window, with Leicester City and Everton also getting a mention.

However, the Spanish forward opted to stay in Bilbao, and signed a new contract with a €50m release clause.

According to latest claims in Italy, Everton are still keen on Williams. Calciomercato have cited English sources to report Everton’s interest in the 22-year-old.

However, after going through the English media, websites and newspapers, we haven’t been able to find any such reports. There’s no mention on social media, and so it’s a puzzle as to where Calciomercato have got their information from.

Maybe there’s been confusion with an earlier report, but as this spreads around the Italian websites it will eventually be pushed further in England, perhaps making Calciomercato seem like prophets.

If any club wants Williams then, given that he plays for Athletic, the price will be €50m and not a € less.