Wolverhampton Wanderers fans probably have all the right to be mad at the Latin America media this month.

Last week, we covered a piece from Mexico in which former players and coaches talked about Raul Jimenez.

They all said the striker deserves to play for a bigger club, and it was even claimed that Arsenal or Chelsea would suit him better than Wolves.

Now it’s time for the Colombian press to cover the rumours which have been linking James Rodriguez to the Molineux side, and it sounds like they’re not very enthusiastic about it.

Colombian legend Faustino Asprilla, who played in the Premier League for Newcastle United between 1996 and 1998, has been interviewed by RCN to talk about the midfielder today.

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And it turns out the former player wouldn’t like to see James Rodriguez playing for Wolves, as he has enough potential to play for bigger clubs in England.

“It must be very uncomfortable for James not to play, because when you’re a footballer with the recognition of James, you will always want to play. Not being able to play must be very uncomfortable, very annoying, also James can never be absent from the Colombian National Team.”

“James doesn’t have to go suffer at Wolverhampton, a team that always fights against relegation. James has football to be at clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal. He can’t despair because he has a lot of football to play for a bigger club.”