The City Football Group are looking to buy teams in Turkey, Finland and Korea as they look to continue building their network around Manchester City.

That’s according to Manchester City academy coach Mustafa Alper Avci, who has revealed that the City Group’s plans to expand are continuing.

The Manchester City owners have been scooping up clubs around the world since taking over at the Etihad, with City at the top of their tree.

Since that takeover they’ve bought New York City, Melbourne City, Yokohama F. Marinos, Montevideo City Torque, Girona, Sichuan Jiuniu, Lommel SK, Troyes, Palermo and Bahia.

Their ongoing plan is to have a connected group of clubs around the world, allowing them to scoop up talent from all four corners for their various projects.

That’s something they’re continuing to work on, with the belief that they could end up owning football clubs everywhere possible should FIFA and UEFA not work to block such arrangements or limit them further in future.

Avci has confirmed as much, revealing that the current focus for Manchester City’s owners is Turkey, Finland and Korea.

“City Group is a company that invests in football in many countries of the world,” Ajansspor report him saying.

“Among the teams purchased by City Group, the most important is Manchester City, apart from Palermo, Troyes and Girona.

“City Group has an idea of ​​purchasing teams in Turkey, Finland and Korea. I hope this will come true and an exemplary model will be created in our country.”