On Wednesday, it was revealed by the Italian media that Oleksandr Zinchenko, who has found limited space for him under Pep Guardiola recently, was being offered around.

The claim came from La Lazio Siamo Noi, and has since been picked up by the newspaper on Thursday, who corroborate the information.

The website had stated a deal was possible ‘even if it was on an onerous loan with a right of redemption at €20m’, and that’s exactly what Gazzetta dello Sport suggest.

They explain, in an article giving some information about who Zinchenko is as a person, that Lazio are ‘at the window’, with their director of football, Igli Tare, ‘thinking about’ and ‘studying’ a possible move of a ‘paid loan with a right of redemption’.

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It’s stated the Ukraine international ‘could leave’ the Etihad after five years, such is his current situation in Manchester.

Corriere dello Sport also add their bit, looking at the left-backs Lazio are currently keeping an eye on, revealing the ‘trail’ leading to the Manchester City player was ‘added in the past few hours’.

We’ll take that as the past 24-48 hours, because it was revealed yesterday, but the gist is the same from everyone: Lazio are interested in Zinchenko.

Whether they can afford to bring him in, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter.