Unai Emery and his family will continue to have ‘shareholder control’ over Spanish side Real Unión after signing a collaboration agreement with Aston Villa.

That’s according to El Diario Vasco, who say a four-year deal between the two clubs is set to be signed and announced within the next month.

The plan is for Unión to end a similar agreement with Real Sociedad before moving into partnership with Aston Villa, with Emery and his family working on the agreement for weeks.

Diario Vasco report that the agreement, which is close to being signed, wouldn’t initially bring Unión under the group of clubs controlled by Aston Villa owners V Sports.

Instead, it would be a sporting collaboration accompanied by an ‘economic endowment’ that would not solve the economic problems that the Irundaran club have been experiencing in recent years but would provide an ‘important relief’ and greatly exceed the contribution made by Real Sociedad.

Unión have already told Sociedad and the Guipuzcoan Federation of their intentions and recently did the same with the Irun City Council.

Aston Villa manager Unai Emery has been in the city for a few days to take part in relevant meetings and hold talks with first-team coach Fran Justo.

Unión consider the collaboration with Aston Villa as being one that will not only help them economically but provide the club with new tools with which to attempt an ‘assault of professional football’.

The next steps are to terminate the contract with Real Sociedad, finish closing the agreement with Aston Villa and make the details public before then explaining the entire process at the Shareholders’ Meeting next month.