L’Equipe have a Thursday evening article on Paul Pogba, going over all the usual things.

Zinedine Zidane is insisting on signing the Manchester United midfielder, he’s not interested in any other options and explained to Florentino Perez that’s the man he wants.

Pogba himself has been surprised by Madrid’s approach to talks and would now also consider a return to Juventus this summer.

Similar has been said repeatedly, it’s what the French newspaper says about Christian Eriksen which is eyebrow raising.

They claim Real Madrid have recently received ‘very negative reports’ on the Tottenham player’s personality. It’s not further explained, but it certainly sounds strange given Eriksen isn’t exactly a player who would be associated with having a bad attitude.

It could be, and L’Equipe don’t mention this, that Real Madrid perhaps feel the Tottenham star isn’t ‘galactico’ enough for them, with the club always concerned with marketing and commercial contracts.

Either way, an odd claim from the French newspaper.