Many Burnley fans certainly recall that by the start of the week, it was reported that the Clarets placed a £5.5m bid for Sporting midfielder Renato Veiga.

Reports from the Lisbon media even said the Premier League side were about to lose the race, as Swiss club Basel were offering more money up front and were about to complete the signing.

It turns out we get to see another turnaround today, as newspaper Record features an update on Burnley’s chase.

It’s now claimed that even though Veiga has an offer from Basel, Burnley ‘showed up’ willing to offer those £5.5m.

Record claims this offer would be bigger than Basel’s, with the Clarets also having the advantage of offering him the chance of playing in the Premier League.

The problem is that Burnley haven’t made their bid official yet, and Sporting are now waiting for that. The whole story makes it sound like that first reported offer was never formal and most likely verbal.

Veiga is said to be waiting for the Lions to agree his sale and sign for whoever buys him. And right now, it seems an offer from the Clarets could put an end to this story.