Earlier this week Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport reported AC Milan had faxed an offer to Everton for Gerard Deulofeu. The two clubs had already held some kind of talks and Milan had been informed Everton aren’t really interested in a straight loan, they’d prefer some kind of commitment to buy.

On Thursday, the same Italian newspaper said Milan were still waiting for a reply to their offer, but weren’t about to make any ultimatums or give Everton a deadline over their Deulofeu answer.

Friday’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sport says Milan are ‘holding firm’ over their wish for a loan without an obligation to spend anything more, which would make the whole clause useless for Everton.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 11.50.05Optional purchasing clauses are very good for the club taking the loan, but not so good for the club sending a player out, if they see no long term return.

For example, if Milan took Deulofeu on loan with an option to purchase for something like €15m to €20m, then it benefits the Italian club in every way.

If the Everton player excelled then Milan would have a transfer fee fixed, and if he didn’t they could knock Everton down on price or send him back, with his value and prominence dropping after a poor loan spell.

The problem for Milan is money, they’re going through a takeover which seems to be taking forever and they haven’t got the increased spending power yet. That means sporting director Adriano Galliani is having to do ‘somersaults’ to try and get a Deulofeu deal, and others, over the line.