Flamengo may give up on the permanent signing of Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira, according to reports from Brazil.

It’s been a couple of months since the clubs found a deal for the 26-year-old, and due to several reasons, the Rio de Janeiro side delayed the purchase.

Despite the club’s €20m buying option to buy Pereira, it’s been widely reported that there’s an agreement in place to make the transfer for half of that.

Now according to O Dia’s Venê Casagrande, Flamengo ‘reevaluated the investment’ and ‘study giving up on the purchase’.

It’s claimed the club have been pressed by the board not to make the signing.

This has been happening since the talks with Manchester United started, and got bigger now that the midfielder is underperforming for them.

It’s pointed out that the clubs hadn’t only agreed, but also exchanged documents, and the Brazilian sides even had social media posts ready to be published.

This is one of the reasons why Flamengo are worried about their ‘credibility’ in the market, as they had already given Manchester United their word, and the Red Devils want to sell the player.

Giving up now would affect their reputation.

The club had also told Pereira that he’d be signed, and according to O Dia, his agents weren’t communicated about the cancellation.

The purchase can be done until June, when his loan spell ends.